The Trustees meet at the end of March and September every year to consider grant applications.

Grants have been made to the churches which are listed below by area.

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1998    Cranleigh    Shere, St James’, C12 Grade I, £1,000 for spire repairs
1998    Cranleigh    Alfold, St Nicholas, Norman Grade I £500 for the restoration of mediaeval wall paintings
1999    Cranleigh    Grafham, St Andrew’s Grade II* 1861 £1,000 for repairs to Victorian mosaic chancel floor
1999    Cranleigh    Chilworth, RC Friary. £1,000 for roof repairs
1999    Cranleigh    Ewhurst, St Peter & St Paul, 1291 Grade I. £1,000 for extensive damage from death watch beetle.
2001    Cranleigh    Alfold, St Nicholas Alfold, Norman Grade I. £500 to re-cover vestry roof
2002   Cranleigh    Grafham, St Andrew’s Grade II* 1861 Woodyer, £1,500 for repairs to Victorian mosaic chancel floor
2003   Cranleigh    Albury, St Martha-on-the-Hill, Grade II, 1190, £2,000 for roof replacement, masonry + glass repairs
2003   Cranleigh    Alfold, St Nicholas, Norman Grade 1 £1,500 for Bells restoration
2004   Cranleigh    Loxwood, St John the Baptist, 1900, £1,000 for repairs to gutters, shingles, spire timbers, lightning conductor
2005   Cranleigh    Alfold, St Nicholas, Norman Grade 1 £500 for re-rendering the south external wall of nave
2006   Cranleigh    Cranleigh, Baptist Church 1889 NL £2,000 for conservation + alterations to the original 1889 chapel
2008   Cranleigh    Alfold, St Nicholas, Grade I C12 & C13. £500 for repairs to chancel floor caused by rot & death-watch beetle
2008   Cranleigh    Blackheath, St Martin, Grade II, 1893. £2,000 for repair and restoration of Victorian wall paintings
2012    Cranleigh    Graffham, St Andrews. Woodyer church 1861. £500 for Conservation of original banners
2013    Cranleigh    Shere, St James, C12, Grade I. £500 for Disabled access
2015    Cranleigh    Dunsfold, St Mary C13 Grade I. £5,000 for re-roofing
2015    Cranleigh    Bramley, St Catherine’s School Chapel, £1,000 for stained glass repair
2018    Cranleigh    SS Peter & Paul, Ewhurst, £5,000 for roof & stonework repairs


Croydon, Coulsdon & Caterham

1998     Croydon   Caterham, URC. £500 for a new front entrance to the church
1998    Croydon    Riddlesdown, St Edmund’s,  £500 for roof repairs
2001    Croydon    Whyteleaf, St Luke, 1866, NL. £500 for redecoration and replacement of underground water pipes
2001    Croydon    Riddlesdown, St Edmunds 1955 NL. £500 for repairs to back wall of church and reroofing of extension
2002     Croydon  Chaldon, St Peter & St Paul, Chaldon, Grade I of Saxon Origins, £1,500 for a list of repairs
2003     Croydon  Coulsdon, St John the Evangelist, Grade I, c1260 £1,000 for roof and external Stonework repairs
2003     Croydon  Kenley, All Saints, Grade II, 1870, £1,000 for repairs, redecoration and re-lighting the chancel following dry rot
2003    Croydon   Warlingham, All Saints, C13 Grade 2* £500 to Sand and seal the wood block floor
2003    Croydon   Addington, New Addington Baptist Church, 1954 NL £500 to Resite heating boiler, modernise kitchen
2003    Croydon   Farleigh, St Mary, Farleigh, Norman Grade 1 £750 for New lighting system and new Allen organ
2003    Croydon   Croydon, St Peter, Croydon, 1851 George Gilbert Scott, Grade 1, £2,500 for Stonework on Western tower
2004     Croydon  Warlingham, St Christopher, Warlingham, 1906, £1,500 for roof repairs
2004    Croydon   Coulsdon, St Andrew, Coulsdon 1916, £500 for Stonework repairs
2005    Croydon   Mitcham, St Peter, £1,500 for conservation and repair of church roofs
2005    Croydon   Chaldon, St Peter & St Paul, Grade I, Saxon origins, 11th & 13th C additions £500
2006    Croydon   Farleigh, St Mary, Grade I, substantially Norman, £1,250 to restore and conserve medieval render
2006    Croydon   Coulsdon, St John the Evangelist. Grade I, C13. £1,250 for Repairs to North Aisle roof and to C13 roof
2006    Croydon   Warlingham, St Leonard, Chelsham, 12c Grade II £1,000 for Rewiring, roof repairs and new lightning conductor
2007    Croydon   Whyteleafe, St Luke, NL 1866. £1,500 for Overhaul of pipe organ
2009    Croydon   Farleigh, St Mary, Farleigh, Norman Grade 1 £1,000 to Restore War Memorial stained glass window
2010    Croydon    Croydon, St John the Baptist, Grade I, Saxon origins. £2,500 for Re-roofing and stone repairs North aisle & porch
2011    Croydon     Sanderstead, St Mary, NL but applying. £1,000 for Upgrading church and church hall facilities
2011    Croydon     Hamsey Green, St Antony, NL 1952. £5,000 for Replace church wiring
2012    Croydon     Thornton Heath, Parchmore Methodist Church LL 1900. £2,500 for roof repairs following lead theft
2014    Croydon    Addington, Methodist, post war. £2,000 to re-cover church roof
2014    Croydon    Addington, Baptist 1954. £1,000 for repair windows, doors
2015    Croydon     Upper Norwood, St John, Grade II*, £5,000 for a major re-build
2015    Croydon     Whyteleafe, St Luke, NL, £1,000 for re-plastering ceiling
2016    Croydon     Whyteleafe, St Luke, 1886 NL, £1,000
2016    Croydon     West Croydon, Christ Church, £1,000 for roof and drain work
2018    Croydon     St Luke, Woodside, £1000 for porch and vestry roofs


2000   Dorking    N Holmwood, St John, Grade II 1875, £1,000 for repairs to Stained Glass windows, and other works
2000   Dorking    Coldharbour, Christ Church,  NL 1848. £750 for creating meeting room at the West end
2001    Dorking    Dorking, St Martin’s Grade II, 1870 Woodyer. £1,000 for renewing slates on roof & redecoration
2001    Dorking    N Holmwood, St John, 1875 Grade II. £1,000 for repairs to stonework; repairs + regilding of the clock
2002   Dorking    Holmwood, St Mary Magdalene Holmwood, Grade II, 1839 £500 for stonework repairs to the tower
2004   Dorking    Mickleham, St Michael, Mickleham, Grade II*, Norman, £1,500 for re-shingling the spire
2005   Dorking    Capel, St John the Baptist, 13thC, Grade 2, £2,000 for relaying Horsham slabs, relaying path
2011    Dorking    South Holmwood, St Mary Magdalene, Grade II, 1838. £2,500 for Substantial repairs to roofs
2012    Dorking    Wotton, St John, Grade I, Saxon origins, Norman nave; £2,500 for stone repairs
2013    Dorking    Newdigate, St Peter, Grade I. £500 for Stained glass window repairs
2013    Dorking    Ockley, St Margaret, C13, Grade II. £500 for Bell repairs
2014    Dorking    Okewood, St John the Baptist, 1220 Grade II*, £2,500 for Roof repairs
2016    Dorking    Abinger Common, St James, Grade II*, £5,000 for re-shingling of the spire
2017    Dorking    Holmbury St Mary, Grade I, £2,500 for roofing & masonry repairs
2019    Dorking    St Mary Magdalene, Holmwood – £1,000 for repairs to aisle ceiling
2020   Dorking    St Margaret, Ockley – £2,000 for a new heating system


2003  Epsom    Stoneleigh, Methodist, NL – £1,000 for replacement boilers & refurbishment
2003  Epsom    West Ewell, All Saints, West Ewell, 1894 NL – £1,000 for replacing all church guttering and down pipes
2003  Epsom    Stoneleigh, St John the Baptist, Storeleigh, 1939 NL – £1,500 for Quinquennial repairs
2004  Epsom    Epsom, Christ Church, Epsom. 1876 – £1,000 for repairs to clock in the Tower
2005  Epsom    Walton-on-the –Hill, St Peter, Grade II* C13, rebuild C19 – £1,500 for stone & timber repairs to the flint tower (1817)
2005  Epsom    Chessington, St Mary, Grade II,  12C origins, rebuild C19 – £1,000 for repairs to gutters, drains, ceiling plaster
2011   Epsom   Ewell , Ewell URC, NL, 1938 (Congregational) – £1,000 for New boiler and associated works
2012  Epsom    Epsom, St Martin of Tours, II* C15 – £1,000 for complete refurbishment of 10 bells
2015  Epsom    Burgh Heath, St Mary, 1909 – £2,500 for re-roofing porch and south aisle
2020 Epsom    St Mary, Headley (Boxhill) – £500 for toilets
2020 Epsom    St Mary, Chessington – £1,000 towards modifying the church entrance


2004    Esher    West Molesey, St Peter’s, West Molesey, 12th C Grade 2, £2,500 for Works to 15C stone and flint tower
2005    Esher    Wybridge, Korean Presbyterian Church 1829 (ex RC) Grade II*, £2,250 for roof repairs & maint
2007    Esher    East Molesey, St Mary, Grade II, 1865 on earlier site, £2,500 for Re-slating roof, Interior alterations, DDA, Heating
2010    Esher    Walton on Thames, St Mary, Grade I Saxon origins. £2,000 for Restoration of bells and bell frame
2014    Esher    Weston, All Saints 1939 by Maufe. £1,000 for Making basement watertight.
2014    Esher    Esher, Christ Church Grade II, £1,500 for spire repairs
2015    Esher    E.Molesey, St Mary, Grade II, £5,000 for replacing timber floor
2017    E sher    Walton Methodist Church £5,000 NCT grant for roof repairs
2017    Esher    All Saints, Weston Green £2,500 NCT grant to repair rainwater damage
2020   Esher    Walton Methodist Church – £1,000 towards insulating and re-slating roof


1998     Farnham    Hindhead, United Reformed Church – £1,000 for refurbishment including roof repairs.
1999     Farnham    Farnham, URC – £1,000 for refurbishment of the original slate roof
2001     Farnham    Frensham, St Mary. Grade II* 1239 – £500 for works to tower string course stonework.
2004    Farnham    Farnham, St Andrew, Farnham, Grade I, 12thC – £1,500 for renewal of surface drainage, down-pipes,
2005    Farnham    Beacon Hill URC, 1905 – £500 for Refurbishment and DDA improvements
2015     Farnham    Wrecclesham, St Peter 1876 Grade II – £2,000 for for new stone floor
2015     Farnham    Beacon Hill, URC, NL – £2,500 for re-roofing
2019     Farnham    Upper Hale, St Mark – £1,000 for repairs to wall paintings
2020    Farnham    St Paul. Tongham – £1,000 towards modifying the church entrance


1998    Godalming    Godalming, St Peter & St Paul Parish Church, £500 for the repair of 18th and 19th Century tombs
1998    Godalming    Peper Harow, St Nicholas,  £750 for repairs to the Norman roof
1998    Godalming    Godalming, St Peter & St Paul,  £250 for research on mediaeval wall paintings.
2000   Godalming    Compton, St Nicholas Grade I Saxon & Norman origins. £1,250 for outer walls, re-shingling spire
2001    Godalming    Elstead, URC, Grade II 1846. £1,000 for underpinning corners of the church, drainage, roof timbers.
2002   Godalming    Grayswood, All Saints Grayswood, Grade I 1901 £500 for stone repairs following water damage.
2002   Godalming    Busbridge, St John the Baptist Busbridge, Grade II 1867 £500 for  replacement gate in oak
2004   Godalming    Compton, St Nicholas, Compton Grade I, Norman, £2,000 for re-shingling spire & roof repairs
2006   Godalming    Hambledon, St Peter, Grade II, rebuilt 1860 on Norman site. £1,000  to re-shingle Tower,  DDA loo
2006   Godalming    Puttenham, St John the Baptist, Grade II*, dates from C12. £1,500 for Bell retuning and tower strengthening
2006   Godalming    Haslemere, St Bartholomew Grade II, £500 for conservation of 100 year old tapestry designed by Ann Macbeth
2007   Godalming    Peper Harow, St Nicholas, II. Rebuilt 1844 by Pugin. £1,000 for Electrical warm air heating system replacement.
2007   Godalming    Wanborough, St Bartholomew, II, 13thC, £1,500 for Woodworm, Heating repairs, Rising damp, drainage
2008   Godalming    Shackleford, St Mary, II, 1867 Gilbert Scott. £1,000 for Organ restoration
2009   Godalming    Shottermill, St Stephen,  1841 NL. £1,500 for Essential repairs and restoration of Grays & Davidson Pipe organ
2009   Godalming    Haslemere, St Bartholomew, Tower 13C, much rebuilt in 1871, Grade II. £2,000 for Interior refurbishment
2009   Godalming    Shackleford, St Mary, II, 1867 Gilbert Scott. £500 for Organ restoration, additional grant
2010    Godalming    Peper Harow, St Nicholas Grade II* C13 origins, Pugin 1840. £1,500 for Repair of chancel & chapel roofs
2010    Godalming    Puttenham, St John the Baptist Grade II* Saxon & Norman origins, £1,500 for DDA toilet, boiler & kitchen
2011    Godalming    Haslemere, St Christopher. Grade II, 1903 Arts & crafts. £1,000 for Replacing stonework damaged by frost
2012    Godalming    Haslemere, St Bartholomew, Grade II 1870 . £1,000 for Organ refurbishment
2012    Godalming    Puttenham, John the Baptist, II*, oldest part Norman, Tower C15, £1,000 for new heating system
2012    Godalming    Shackleford, St Mary, Grade II 1867 Gilbert Scott; £1,000 for new heating system
2013    Godalming    The Sands, Good Shepherd, NL, £2,500 for re-roofing nave and aisles
2013    Godalming    Haslemere, St Christopher, Grade II. £1,000 for Reordering with new toilets
2013    Godalming    Elstead, URC, 1846 Grade II.  £2,500 for Window & door repairs
2013    Godalming    Compton, St Nicholas, Grade I, £2,000 for Repair of heating system
2014    Godalming    Grayswood, All Saints 1902 Grade II. £2,500 for Complete re-roofing
2014    Godalming    Elstead, URC £2,500 for Repair of windows and doors
2015    Godalming    Thursley, St Michael, Grade I, £1,000 for overhaul of Organ
2016    Godalming    Thursley, St Michael, C11 Grade I, £1,000
2016    Godalming    Chiddingfold, St Mary, Grade II, £5,000 for roof repairs
2017    Godalming    St Nicholas, Compton, Grade I £2500 NCT grant for roof repairs
2017    Godalming    St Christopher, Haslemere £1,000 for flagpole replacement


1998    Godstone    Nutfield, St Peter & St Paul,  £750 for spire repairs
1999    Godstone    Oxted, All Saints RC Church, (II) 1913. £1,000 for extended West end, improved access
2000   Godstone    Tandridge, St Peter’s, Grade I C11. £500 for roof repairs
2000   Godstone    Oxted, All Saints RC, Grade II, 1919. £500 for restoration of reredos
2001    Godstone    Oxted, URC, Grade II, 1935 Frederick Lawrence. £750 for repairs to roof and design weakness.
2001    Godstone    Nutfield, St Peter & St Paul. £500 for re-roofing of Lychgate (Oak timbers & Horsham slates).
2002   Godstone    Felbridge, St John Felbridge NL 1863 £1,500 for re-roofing and associated repairs
2002   Godstone    Limpsfield, St Peter’s Limpsfield, NL 1920 £1,000 for roof repairs and resolving damp problems
2003   Godstone    Burstow, St Bartholomew Grade I, 12th C,£750 for replacing defective render in Nave, repairing cracks
2003   Godstone    Limpsfield Chart, St Andrew’s Limpsfield Chart NL, 1896, £750 for remedial roof works
2003   Godstone    Tandridge, St Peter, Tandridge, Norman, Grade 1 £1,000 to repair and clean the wall painting
2003   Godstone    Oxted, St Mary, Oxted, C12, Grade 1 £2,000 for works to western tower
2006   Godstone    Limpsfield Chart, St Andrews, 1896 NL £1,000 for Bell repairs
2008   Godstone    Lingfield, St Peter & St Paul, I,  C14 Tower; rebuild C15, C19, C20. £1,000 for Lead works to vestry roof, repairs to various gutters
2009   Godstone    Lingfield, College of St Barnabas,1895, Grade II. £2,500 for Roof repairs, repair of mullions, renovation of reredos
2012    Godstone    Lingfield, College of St Barnabas, 1895 Grade II, £1,000 for new fire suppression system
2012    Godstone    Outwood, St John, Grade II, 1869; £2,500 for urgent crumbling Reigate stone repairs to chancel
2018    Godstone    St Andrew, Limpsfield, £5000 for roof repairs
2019    Woldingham    
St Paul, £4000 for prevention of water penetration


1999    Guildford    Guildford, St John, Stoke-next-Guildford. £500 for ceiling repair in the North aisle
2002   Guildford    Wyke, St Mark Wyke, Grade II Woodyer 1846 £1,000 for relocating,  repairing the lychgate
2006   Guildford    Ockham, All Saints, Grade I, in Domesday survey, mainly C13. £1,000 for Stonework repairs to tower
2006   Guildford    Ash, St Peter, £2,000 for re-shingling the roof
2009   Guildford    Guildford, St Mary, Grade I Saxon origins.  £3,000 for Repairs to West Wall
2010    Guildford    Compton, Watts Mortuary Chapel Grade I 1898. £750 for Drainage repairs
2010    Guildford    Guildford, St Mary, Grade I Saxon origins. £3,000 for Repairs to roof of St John Chapel
2011     Guildford   Holmbury, St Mary, Grade I 1879 by Street. £2,500 for Re-shingling the spire
2011     Guildford    East Clandon, St Thomas, Grade I C12 nave, 13C chancel. £10,000 for Re-roofing North aisle, vestry & part nave
2011     Guildford    Guildford, St Mary, Grade I Saxon origins. £1,000 for Repairs to roof of St John Chapel, increased grant
2012    Guildford    Guildford, Abbot’s Hospital Chapel Grade I, C17; £1,000 for conservation of Flemish glass 1621
2012    Guildford    Worplesdon, St Mary, oldest part Norman, Chancel C13, Tower C15, £1,250 for bells repairs
2013    Guildford    Guildford, Cathedral, 1961, Grade II*. £5,000 for Asbestos & associated works
2014    Guildford    Guildford, Holy Trinity 1753 Georgian Grade I, Roof, tower repairs
2014    Guildford    West Clandon, SS Peter & Paul, Grade II* C12. £2,500 for spire & roof repairs
2017    Guildford    St Mary, Grade I £5,000 NCT grant for roof repairs
2017    Guildford    Holmbury, St Mary, Grade I 1879 by Street. £2,500 for roofing repairs
2017    Guildford    St Edward RC, Sutton Park £1,000 for reinforced steelwork
2018    Guildford    Holmbury, St Mary, Grade I 1879 by Street. £2500 for general repairs and redecoration and for masonry repairs


1999    Kingston   Merton, St John the Divine, (NL) 1914. £1,000 for roof repairs.
2000   Kingston    Wandsworth, East Hill URC, Grade II ‘at risk’, 1860. £1,000 for repairs to roof valleys and stonework.
2000   Kingston    Malden, St John the Baptist, Grade II, 1610. £500 for repairs to cracks in brickwork in tower.
2001    Kingston    Kingston, URC Grade II 1865. £1,000 for resolving serious problems in roof and West front.
2003   Kingston    Norbiton, St Peter, Grade II, 1842 Scott, £1,000 for new floor, services, redecoration
2003   Kingston    Putney, St Mary the Virgin, Grade II* Medieval, £1,500 for restoration after a fire
2005   Kingston    Colliers Wood, Christ Church, NL, 1874, £1,000 for repairs to cedar shingles on the spire
2007   Kingston    Tooting, Holy Trinity Church, II, 1850s. , £1,500 for Replacement of heating system
2007   Kingston    Malden, St John the Baptist, II, Mediaeval origins. £1,000 for Repairs to Lady Chapel ceiling; Electrical repairs.
2009   Kingston    Kingston, St John 1872 Grade II. £2,500 for High level masonry repairs to tower transepts, aisles
2010    Kingston    Mitcham, St Barnabas, Grade II 1914 £2,000 for Open Doors project, acces ramps & toilets
2013    Kingston    Mitcham, St Michael, 1960. £5,000 for For restoration works
2019    Kingston    Surbiton, St Matthew, £2,000 for repairs to tower, windows, stonework etc


1999    Leatherhead    Fetcham, St Mary’s,  £750 for repairs to the tower and organ loft windows
1999    Leatherhead    Fetcham, St Mary’s  (II*) 11th C. Need £1000 for urgent roof repairs to roof including Horsham slates.
2000   Leatherhead    Ockham, All Saints Church, Grade I, C13& 14. £1250 for stone and tracery repairs.
2001    Leatherhead    Effingham, Methodist Church NL, 1854. £500 for repairing flint walls, cracks, window reveals.
2001    Leatherhead    East Horsley, St Martin, East Horsley, Norman Grade II*. £500 for the repair of churchyard walls
2001    Leatherhead    L. Bookham, All Saints C12 & C13 Grade II*. £1,000 for repairs to and enlargement of vestry.
2003   Leatherhead    Ashtead, St Giles, Ashtead, Grade 2 listed tomb £750 for Urgent repair of William Beckford Chest Tomb
2008   Leatherhead    East Horsley, St Martin, I, Norman. £1,000 for Restoration of Lovelace Mausoleum (late C19)
2008   Leatherhead    Ashtead, St Giles, Grade II, 12C origins, altered by Victorians, £3,000 for major refurbishment £450k
2009   Leatherhead    Great Bookham, St Nicholas, Great Bookham, C12 Grade 1 £1,000 for Window Guards against vandalism
2011    Leatherhead    Little Bookham, All Saints, Grade II*, C11 origins with Victorian additions. £2,500 to Reshingle spire, rain water goods
2013    Leatherhead    Effingham, St Lawrence, C12, Grade II. £2,000 for Organ repairs
2014    Leatherhead    Fetcham, St Mary Grade II* C15 origins. £1,000 for Stonework repairs
2014    Leatherhead    W Horsley, St Mary, outstanding mediaeval Grade I, £2,500 for Spire & bell frame
2019    Leatherhead    SS Mary & Nicolas, £500 towards repair of marble step


2001    Reigate    Merstham, St Katherine’s Grade I, C13 & 14. £750 for retiling roofs, Work on walls, doors & windows.
2002   Reigate    Redhill, St Matthew Redhill, 1866 £1,000 for repairs to 10 clerestory windows
2003   Reigate    Betchworth, St Michael, Grade I, 11th – 14th C £1,000 for re-roofing North aisle, Lychgate (Horsham slabs)
2004   Reigate    South Nutfield, Christ Church, South Nutfield, 1883, £2,000 for re-shingling the spire, roof repairs
2006   Reigate    Tadworth, Good Shepherd, NL, 1912, £1,500 for re-roofing and masonry repairs
2006   Reigate    Redhill, Redhill URC 1901 NL £2,000 for Repairs to tower, walls, roof & guttering £71k
2007   Reigate    Gatton, St Andrew, I, 13C. £2,000 for Urgent repairs to Tower and Steeple, Reigate stone walls, drainage.
2010   Reigate    Merstham, St Katherine’s Grade I, C13 & 14.  £4,000 for for stonework repairs
2011    Reigate   South Nutfield, Christ Church, NL 1888. £1,000 for New boiler and boiler house
2012   Reigate    Brockham Green, Christ Church, 1846, £2,000 for Stone repairs
2012   Reigate    Kingswood, St Andrew 1852. £500 for Window repairs to church rooms above vestries
2013   Reigate    Betchworth, St Michael, Grade I. £2,500 for Roofing and rainwater repairs
2013   Reigate    Gatton, St Andrew, Grade I. £2,000 for restoration of C16 glass
2016   Reigate    Redhill, St Matthew Redhill, 1866 £1,000 for roof repairs
2019   Reigate    St Bartholomew, Horley – £500 for repair of lychgate roof 



1998    Runnymede    Chertsey, St Anne’s Catholic Church, £1,000 for restoration and redecorating
1999    Runnymede    Egham, St John £500 for redecoration as part of reordering project
1999    Runnymede    Shepperton, St Nicholas,  £1,000 for underpinning the East end
2000   Runnymede    Chertsey, St Peter’s Grade II* 1300, £500 for restoration of 200 year old Coat of Arms
2000   Runnymede    Englefield Gr, St Jude, Englefield Green, Grade II*, 1858, £1,000 for repairs to Rose Window
2004   Runnymede    Thorpe, St Mary, Thorpe, Grade 13thC, Grade 2*, £500 for restoration of Comper tester
2005   Runnymede    Thorpe, St Mary, Thorpe, Grade 13thC, Grade 2*, £750 for foundations to South transept, moss on roof
2012    Runneymede    Lyne, Holy Trinity II 1849. £2,500 for Church rewiring
2012    Runneymede    Lyne, Holy Trinity II 1849. £1,000 for Parish Room repairs
2014    Surrey Heath    Frimley Green, St Andrew’s  1912 Grade II, £2,000 for Re-roofing
2018    Surrey Heath    St Michael, Yorktown, Camberley, £3000 for repair of tower & spire
2019    Ottershaw         Christ Church, £1000 towards repointing of brickwork


2001   Sutton    Streatham, URC 1901 Grade II with interesting Tower by James Cubit. £500 to remedy decay in tower.
2002  Sutton    Sutton, St Nicholas Sutton, Grade II 1864 £1,500 for roof repairs
2002  Sutton    Wallington, Holy Trinity Wallington, Grade II, 1870 £1,500 for stonework repairs to the tower & spire
2007  Sutton    Sutton  , Trinity Church, £2,500 for repairs & rewiring
2010  Sutton    Sutton, Wallington Christian Centre NL 1927. £1,000 for Roof repairs
2010  Sutton    Sutton, St Barnabas, Grade II 1881, £2,500 for Repairs to roof and electrical re-wiring
2011   Sutton    Sutton, St Barnabas, Grade II 1881, £1,000 for Repairs to roof and electrical re-wiring, increased grant
2011   Sutton    Sutton, Christ Church, Grade II 1887. £2,500 for Substantial repairs to roofs & rainwater goods


1999    Woking    Byfleet, St Mary, £500 for essential quinquennial repairs
2000    Woking    Send, St Mary, Grade II* C11, £1,000 for roof repairs
2001    Woking    Woking, St John the Baptist,NL 1842 Gilbert Scott. £1,000 for rewiring, redecoration, new porch.
2002   Woking    Send, St Mary Send, Grade I, c 1200 £500 for tomb repairs
2004   Woking    Send, St Mary, Send, Grade II*. 13th C origins, £1,500 for repairing mullions and fitting guards
2005   Woking    Old Woking, St Peter, Norman origins Grade I, £2,000 for restoration of stained glass window & stonework
2005   Woking    Brookwood, St Edward Brotherhood, built 1909 , £2,000 for retiling roof, some renovation
2006   Woking    Brookwood, St Saviour, NL 1909. £500 for Porch alterations, DDA access, reordering
2006   Woking    Brookwood, St Saviour, 1897 NL £1,000 for Alteration to porch to create a more welcoming entrance
2009   Woking    Old Woking, St Peter, Norman origins Grade I, £2,000 to replace central heating system reorder chancel
2009   Woking    Brookwood, St Edward Brotherhood, built 1909, £2,000 additional grant for roof repairs
2009   Woking    Brookwood, St Edward Brotherhood, built 1909, additional grant for roof repairs
2011    Woking    Horsell, St Mary, Grade II*.  C14 on Norman site. £500 for Security system following thefts of lead
2011    Woking    Horsell, St Mary, Grade II*.  C14 on Norman site. Security system following thefts of lead
2016    Woking    Brookwood, St Edward Brotherhood, 1909 £3,000 for roof repairs
2017    Woking    St Edward Sutton Park, £1,000 for reinforced steelwork


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